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Clarence Smith attended Apostolic Bible Institute from 1948-1951.   Before coming to the Apostolic Church in Belleville, Bro. Smith was interim pastor at Rice Lake, WI in 1952, then moved to Indiana with Ralph Underwood and Cleo, later moving to Alabama then pastored Herrin IL 1st Pentecostal Church.  In 1958 he was called to follow Bro. Paul Froese at the Apostolic Church in Belleville IL.  After leaving Belleville In 1963 the family moved to Carbondale IL.  Bro Smith started mission churches in Sherman IL and Decatur IL and have continued ministering through the years.  Bro. Smith has written over 300 poems and sermons.  He is in the process of publishing a book in the fall of 2017.

 Bro. Smith’s grandfather (Homer Smith), father (Elmore Smith Sr.), and brother (Robert) are all UPC ministers.  His grandmother (Elsie Smith) was dorm mom at ABI in St Paul MN.  His brothers (Robert and Elmore) also attended ABI.

 “Belleville holds a special place in my heart for their spirituality and kindness.”

 Clarence E Smith, Annabelle, Greg, Tim and David and Gail Smith.  All loved Belleville.  Tim and Greg are deceased.

~ Rev Clarence Smith


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