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Belleville's Churches News Item April 15, 1950


Due to the poor quality of print on the news item, I believe the following to be a true version of the content.

Saturday, April 15, 1950               The News Democrat


One of the youngest of the cities' congregations is the Apostolic Church of the United Pentecostal Church denomination at LaSalle and Sherman Streets.

Founded in the early 1930’s, the congregation has grown from a handful of families to almost a hundred persons.  The congregation first met in a small building at 800 West Main Street and later moved to a West Main Street site until the present church was built in 1941. 

The present church has been served by four pastors including the present minister, the Rev. Paul Froese.   His predecessors were Rev. B. J. Ballard, Rev. A. F. Varnell, and the Rev. R. R. Tritt.   (I believe this should be Tripp.) 

The present pastor, who took over the congregation in 1939 was born only 2 blocks from the present church site and recalls boyhood hunting trips in undeveloped brush and timberland in the adjoining fields now dotted by new subdivisions.  Educated in the Belleville schools he studied two years at Pentecostal Training Bible Schools in Louisiana MO and Dallas Tex. and was ordained to the ministry at the 1941 Conference of the Illinois District of the Pentecostal Church.  His parents, both natives of Germany, came to the U.S. early in the century and settled in Belleville.  His father, Theodore, died a year ago but his mother still resides in Belleville.

The Rev. Mr. Froese occupies living quarters at the rear of the church with his wife, the former Eileen Wolff of Rentchler Station, and their three children, Ruth 11, Paul 6, and John 4.












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