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C:29 Youth Ministries

Our Teens/Youth are actively involved in every part of our church. They serve as teachers & teacher assistants in Sunday School, VBS, and the general services. Additionally, the first Wednesday of each month is set aside for Youth Service. Many students are called upon to help plan the service and serve in various ways during the course of the service (i.e. praise & worship team, usher, games). Wednesday Night Youth Service is always inspirational and lively and enjoyed by all ages. We are very proud of the young people of the Apostolic Church. They are the church of today and are doing a tremendous job.






SFC Award presented to
Youth Ministers Mike & Becky Poole
for Sheaves for Christ giving of
more than $20,000.00 in 2017. 







Now Behold the Lamb (2014)

The ACOB youth department is a highly active group of young people ages 12 and older and are led by Mike and Becky Poole. Through their leadership, they work to maintain an apostolic environment while having activities that are appealing to the youth of our city.

A solid Biblical foundation is necessary for spiritual growth and classes are offered which provide students with practical principles to live for God as a teenager despite challenges offered by living in the 21st century.

Each student is encouraged, through Biblical instruction, to be filled with the Holy Ghost as Peter preached in Acts 2:38; to develop their personal relationship with Jesus Christ by prayer, fasting and reading the word; and to work in the callings, talents and abilities God has given them. Opportunities are offered to develop personal evangelism, including going door-to-door, praying with others to receive the baptism in the Holy Ghost, and teaching Bible Studies.

Our desire is to engage and grow youth for the Kingdom of God.

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