Kidzmin Still in Revival

Makayla & Bionka & and their brother Keith were baptized in the name of Jesus. They all 3 received the gift of the Holy Ghost earlier this year. So excited for what Jesus is doing in their lives!!

Click this link for VIDEO OF BAPTISMS

kidzMIN Revival

Nine filled with the Holy Ghost for the first time Sunday, September 24, 2107, One baptized in Jesus Name, several more are lined up to be baptized in the coming days, and dozens refilled with the Holy Ghost.


O Happy Day - kidzCHOIR - 09/21/14 am


kidzMINISTRIES is the Children’s Ministries Department of the Apostolic Church of Belleville serving children ages 0-11 and their families. We are dedicated to “Leading kidz to Jesus!” in all that we do; it is the heartbeat of our kidzMINISTRIES team to help children establish and nurture a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

We are attempting to accomplish our mission through five ministries:

kidzLEARN serves as our fundamental Sunday School program offered from 10:00 to 11:00 a.m.. Children are grouped by ages into classes where they learn about Bible heroes and basic principles of the Christian faith. This knowledge serves as the foundation for discipleship for even the very youngest of children. 

Our kidzLEARN teachers are dedicated to the idea that each child is a precious gift from the Lord and should be treated as such. Our teaching teams create a warm and creative atmosphere where children can feel loved and valued as they learn about their God. Throughout the year, our Christian educators attend Continuing Education classes that equip them to become even more effective and grow in their ministry of teaching.

kidzLIVE is a division of kidzMINISTRIES that provides various services centered around evangelism and fellowship at our church. On Sunday mornings, kidzLIVE offers an evangelistic “children’s church” program from 11:00-11:30 a.m. Children are taught how to worship God through songs and praise time, and are engaged in puppet shows or skits that introduce topics for personal growth. An evangelistic sermon or object lesson is taught to draw children to salvation in Jesus Christ. Finally, at the end of every kidzLIVE service, children are encouraged to pray with their friends and teachers, and children are filled with the Holy Spirit during their own focused time of prayer. 

kidzLIVE frequently offers an opportunity for fellowship called kidzLIVE Saturdays. All kidz from ages 4-11 gather for game days, scavenger hunts, field trips, and FUN!! Parents can even volunteer to have some fun of their own as they assist with kidzLIVE Saturday activities! Laid back and engaging, kidzLIVE Saturdays prove to be an exciting time that kidz look forward to!

Every summer, kidzLIVE offers kidzLIVE Weekend, kidzMINISTRIES’ spin on Vacation Bible School. Offered in late June, kidzLIVE Weekend is jam-packed with fun activities, games, crafts, music, and lessons, all designed to link kidz to Jesus as a kickoff to a great summer! Our teaching team and parent volunteers work together to create this awesome opportunity for spiritual growth in an atmosphere of fun and laughs! 

kidzPRAYER is a class offered on Wednesday night to kidz ages 4-11 from 8:00 – 9:00 p.m. (We begin in the sanctuary at 7:30 p.m. for worship service with the adults, then break for our class at 8:00 p.m.) kidzPRAYER class uses games and activities, as well as Bible-focused learning opportunities, to help children establish their relationship with God through regular times of prayer and devotion. Discipleship is a main focus of this class time, and principles of Christian living are explored as we learn to be more like Jesus and grow in Truth. 

kidzREACH is the children’s outreach department at ACOB. This department seeks to draw children and families through events and activities outside of our church. Among other scheduled activities, kidzREACH offers "kidzLIVE -- On Demand," our take on Sidewalk Sunday School, monthly throughout the spring and summer. Our kidzLIVE team travels to various neighborhoods and parks to present the Gospel message through lively singing, puppet shows, skits, and targeted sermons that draw children to Jesus. 

In addition to kidzLIVE -- On Demand, kidzREACH stays in contact with children and families who participate in kidzMINISTRIES at every level. We want kidz to know they are valued, loved, and prayed for.

Finally, kidzDRIVE is our van ministry, which provides transportation for children and their family members to and from kidzMINISTRIES services and extra-curricular events.  Our responsible kidzDRIVE Kaptains and Ko-Pilots operate designated van routes on Sunday mornings and as needed for other kidzMINISTRIES sponsored events to ensure that kids in our community don't miss out on coming to church simply because they don't have a ride.  Our kidzDRIVE team members deliver a safe and fun ride for our community kids.  Don't be fooled by the name though.  The only "driving" the kids do is from the back seat!

* While we encourage families to worship God together on Sunday evenings, we do provide childcare for children ages 0-3 years of age during every service. 

Director: Theresa Phelps
kidzLIVE Director: Theresa Phelps
kidzREACH Director: Julie Adams
Assistants to the Directors: Tramea Ivy, Tricia Wilson
kidzLEARN Team:

Nursery - Carol Back, Christina Tapia, Becca Heil, Danielle Cadle, Kelsey Lugge, Alexis Doolin, Allyson Jardee

Peace Maker Class (4-7 year olds) - Ron Forehand, Jael Wilson, Nathen Poole

Soul Saver Class (8-11 year olds) - Tramea Ivy, Mark Ivy, Kevin Underwood, Judy Friederich

kidzLIVE Team: Theresa Phelps, Julie Adams, Tricia Wilson, Tramea Ivy, Renee Lipe, Ron Forehand, Mark Ivy, Jake Adams, Kevin Underwood, Evelina Jardee

kidzPRAYER Team: Julie Adams, Renee Lipe, Jake Adams, Christina Tapia

kidzDRIVE Directing Kaptain:  JR Chase
kidzDRIVE Team: Jacob Tapia, Brian Back, Mark Ivy, Ryan Phelps, Nathen Poole, Austen Poole, Jake Adams, Kameron Calvert

Breakfast Crew: Bonnie & Wayne Guttersohn

Child Check-In Staff: Lexi Doolin, Allyson Jardee



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